The Dutch Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (DCCP) was established in 2018 to provide a platform for the Philippines-Netherlands business community.

OUR VISION : "DCCP functions as the official gateway to the Philippines and to serve as a platform for the Philippines-Netherlands business community tith the goal of creating easy access to new markets by bringing stakeholders, oportunities and information together in one community".

The DCCP promotes Philippines-Netherlands ties, establishes connections, identifies opportunities, fosters friendship and assists growth.

OUR MISSION : "We bring together passion, spirit, knowledge and skills to strengthen ties within the Philippines-Business community"

DCCP Objectives

Promote and ceate business opportunities and strengthen relations and cooperation between the Philippines and The Netherlands

Establish a formal channelof communications with its counterparts in The Netherlands and with other agencies and organizations concerned in the promotion of Philippines-Netherlands economic and business ties.

Identify trade and nvestment opportunities and develop other areas of cooperation between small, medium and lage enterprises in the Philippines and the Netherlands.

Foster Friendship and understanding between business communities of the Philippines and The Netherlands i general and to establish closer cooperation which will enhance the growth of business between the two countries and exchange information about industry and commerce.

Assist its Members in establishing and strengthening business contacts through the organization of events such as seminars, echange of trade groupd and participation in trade fairs.

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