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At the annual general meeting last March a new Board of Trustees was elected.

Don Paulino - Chairman - (SHELL)
Joost Mes - President (AVIOR MARINE INC)
Mary-Ann Sayoc - Executive VP (EAST-WEST SEED)
Monique Wisse - VP International affairs (DOT)
Josephine Francisco - VP Domestic (NYK-FIL/VROON)
Marie Antoinette Mariano - Corporate Secretary (BDO BANK)
Rednaxela Bungay - Treasurer (ALASKA-MILK)
Jagannathan Srivinasan - PR - (PHILIPS/SIGNIFY)
Roy Akker - Internal Auditor (PHILCAMSAT)

Ms Rednaxela Bungay has taken over as treasurer from Arent Naber who will be relocating to other country in July.

Picture from left to right, Arent Naber (former Treasurer), Monique Wisse (VP International affairs), Don Paulino (Chairman), Mary-Ann Sayoc (EVP), Marion Derckx (former Dutch Ambassador), Josephine Francisco (VP Domestic Affairs), Marie Antoinette Mariano (Corporate Secretary), Joost Mes (President), Jagannathan Srivinasan (PR), Walter van Hattum (former EU Representative).
Not in picture : Roy Akker (Internal Auditor) and Rednaxela Bungay (Treasurer)